The Traveling Green Bench

So, I've had this green bench forever and I love this little gem. It's lived in eight different apartments, mostly serving as a place to pile papers, clothes, etc. Recently, it was upgraded to serve as an actual bench for our dining table - Hallelujah!

My mom and sister bought it for me one Christmas, and it was full of hope in becoming the best seat in the house. Poor bench's dreams were dashed. Well, it's finally getting a new life, and along with it, a new coat of paint!

ANYWAY, the green is super fun, but it doesn't quite match the color scheme of our apartment (the husband and I finally, roughly committed to one, by the way). At first I was going to chose a shade of blue for the new color, but decided maybe we were going too blue. I've been on a blue kick for some reason. So far we have blue walls, a blue and cream rug, and some blue throw pillows. FYI, the pillows came with the sofa and I'm looking for the perfect new covers in a different color!

After some consideration of accent colors, I settled on white, and decided I want to paint a floral pattern on the seat and legs. That way I can incorporate a few different shades of pink, red, and yellow (to reflect the yellow in our drapes and get pink into the room without my husband freaking out). Seriously, I have had the hardest time deciding on my accent colors because I like all of the options. It's like when you love ice cream, and you go to the ice cream shop and they have about 500 million flavors, and you want them all. Which is another actual problem I have. Ice cream. How do I choose only one flavor?

I'm currently waiting for Amazon to same-day deliver 80 grit sandpaper and a sandpaper holder (thank you Amazon for saving my day)! I tried 100 grit, and believe me, it sucks. This piece has a nice glossy coat of paint which is a nightmare to scratch up. Plus I'm doing this by hand. None of my neighbors want to hear our electric sander grinding away, and I don't blame them.

I'll fill you in on the details once Amazon delivers and I get some of this knocked out. For now, here's a picture of my dog, Penny, to entertain you while you wait. She's REALLY excited to help me... 

Bye for now! Wish me luck with the sanding...