Hello, Bathroom! Part III

(This is the final installment of the Hello, Bathroom saga, which I will now call the Hello, Bathroom! Trilogy, in honor of the new Star Wars movie. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm totally on it.)

Do you ever have those days, either writing a blog post or writing an e-mail, when you just want to move your fingers really fast like this "aityeaogthaghreatyuirhgkjdhagiewhgkrah" and call it good? Yep, not gonna lie, I'm there. With Christmas two days away, I'm totally ready to throw in the towel and relax! Well, my friends, after this post goes live, I'll be in the Christmas zone. P.S. Hopefully my typing blarg didn't produce any offensive words in other languages, so I apologize if it did. And feel free to use the word blarg, it's pretty much my way of describing "something that looks or feels thrown-up".

Okay, so you're all here to see the bathroom! I kinda showed you a picture last week, but I wanted to get a few good ones with my NICE camera, not my phone camera. Also, I wanted to show you the finally finished art I made, hung up nicely.


Honestly, my bathroom is probably my new favorite room in the house. Other than the lighting (which I think is too yellow), I love it! It just makes me feel so classy, I want to put on my fancy dresses! Not all at once, though.


I bought a pair of corbels earlier this year, with the intention of actually using them as corbels. But, one broke (my fault) and I didn't have any idea what to do with them. Well, why not use the unbroken one as a cute necklace hanger?!

Okay, I apologize for this horrible, mean, Christmas card. But I literally laughed out loud when I found it years ago. Ever since then, it's been a staple bathroom Christmas decoration. ;) I guess I have a weird sense of humor...PLEASE tell me someone is laughing at this with me!

Every bathroom needs some flowers. Not only is it pretty, but they help the room smell better!

Of course, I still need some accents, like a some cuter hand towels and counter accessories, but that will have to wait until after Christmas. ;)

Oh, and can I just talk about this art piece for a second?

Before you start thinking this is hand drawn, let me stop you. It's not...it started out as a black and white card I found at Papyrus, which I painted to give it some life. The best part of this piece is the black backing you see between the card and frame mat. It's a piece of vintage black fabric I pulled off some chairs I reupholstered a few years ago!


I held on to it hoping to use it one day for something...it was too old and weak to reupholster anything with, so that was out. Suddenly, it came to me (while I was whining to myself about myself and my un-creativity). It was stuck at the bottom of a fabric box just waiting to be seen.  And there you have it. A personal, vintage, handmade piece of art that I hope doesn't wrinkle or bleed in a humid bathroom. ;)

I hope my little project inspired you today! My motto in decor is, if you love it, then it's right for your design. Most of the time when we blend lots of different items we love, it comes together as one unique and beautiful design. Also, I hope this post provided you with a little break from listening to some annoying sound at the airport, or any place where traveling blues seem to grab you by the throat, threatening to reveal your impatient, flustered self. Oh, wait, that's me. Maybe you're super chill. Either way, thanks for coming in to chat with me today! 

Before I go offline, Merry Christmas, safe travels, and most of all, lots of love to you, my friends! The holidays are all about loving on one another and remembering that our ultimate Love came to rescue us from ourselves. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

I'll see all you one more time before the new year is here!