Hello, Bathroom, Cont'd!


That took longer than expected. I can't be the only one who assumes something will be a breeze, and then it takes twice as long because other catastrophes take the stage. The bathroom took me a week to get done, and not because my bathroom is super huge. No, no. Remember? Catastrophe.

On Tuesday, Penny, my sweet doggie, ate five chicken thigh bones and the skin, and then when it came out the other end at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, she decided to spread it all over the wood floor. That isn't sealed very well. Hubs and I were running around like interns on their first day in the emergency room, trying to clean it up and catch it as it exited her little doggie bum. Paper towels were flying. SO much poo.

Anyway, we finally managed to get through the week without needing doggie x-rays, and I finished the second coat of paint on Friday. Yay! (Yes, Penny is really okay and doing great).

One thing I can tell you, is the bathroom does NOT look like poo! Get ready for it...we chose...Waller Green! Are you surprised?

 I absolutely love this dark silky green.

I absolutely love this dark silky green.

I have to say, that when I painted the first coat, I was a little bit worried. The painters tape was still up, and our walls are crummy, so the semi-gloss was showing all kinds of ugly bumps and scrapes. Of course, it's a bathroom, so I didn't have a choice but to use semi-gloss (tip, make sure you always use a semi or full gloss in a bathroom so you can easily wipe the walls clean). Anyway, my heart was about to break, but I decided I would paint on. 

As you can see, there are some bumps on the wall...gotta love a rental apartment, right? But the overall effect is so amazeballs, I just don't care! Bumps and imperfections considered, I'm in love with this color. My plan is to put up some beautiful reds and pinks to make that green pop, and bring a little pizzazz to this delicious dark space. 

I'll post more photos next week when I get more decorating done. And honestly, the bathroom needs a wipe down. I don't want to showcase my toothpaste splatter.

Thanks, friends, for being here. Tell me, do you have a color you want to experiment with? Tell me about it in the comments section! I'll offer my two cents to anyone who shares!

Chat soon.