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Hello, Friends!

Let's just say, this week has been crazy, so I'm passing the mic to you. Since that note about 6 Ways to Jazz Up a Neutral Palette just isn't ready yet, I'm wholeheartedly admitting to defeat and putting another topic in it's place. YOU!

I want to know what your biggest decorating question is. When do you throw your hands up in the air and say I wish I had a magic wand for this and then give up?

Tell Me!

This little notebook isn't just a place for me to talk at you. Okay, there's a lot of that going on, but I want to interact with you, dear readers, in a way that helps you make better decorating decisions. All of my posts are for you, so why not give you exactly what you need? Go ahead, tell me. What are the worst parts about decorating? What do you struggle with that you can't find answers to, even though you've been searching the web for days?

You Could Be Featured in The Little Notebook!

Just FYI, I'll be sneaking your questions into blog posts (you get a shout out and everything). Your question might even be the topic of an entire post!

Carole Schopp Interior Decor The Little Notebook Suggestion Box

Don't worry, friends, you'll see the post on decorating with neutrals on Monday. Did I mention, someone asked me to rule the world this week? It hasn't been going well.

Please, friends, ask away! I can't wait to help you solve some decorating problems!