Tricks to Decorating for Spring Without Spending a Dime!

It's been far too long since I've had sunlight streaming through my windows. It's like a magic spell, instantly lifting my mood while mysteriously revealing a hovering cloud of dust. Sure...I dust every week. *wink*

 Wow, check out those dusty windows! 

Wow, check out those dusty windows! 

Dust aside, the approaching season of new beginnings has me jumping out of my socks! Ah, Spring, how I love thee. It usually means kicking into cleaning gear, and for many of us, we also crave a fresh look in our homes. But after holiday shopping and winter vacations, you probably don't want to spend a bunch of money freshening up your space. I've made a list below, of ways you can get that fresh spring look without spending any money. Enjoy!


  • put away any winter-y decorations and pull out the ones you stuffed in the back of your closet. If you're crafty, give them a fresh coat of paint or cover them in some bright fabric, *hint: you can use anything from an old shirt to sheet set.
  • rearrange the furniture (move a chair to that now sunlit corner and bask in it)
  • vacuum your sofa, under the cushions, too, and dust all the crevices in your furniture
  • wash and IRON the curtains, including the shower curtain. Ironing anything gives it a fresh, crisp look
  • hang any pictures or art you've been him-hawing about for the entire winter
  • use a white sheet as a tablecloth (or any spring-y colored sheet)
  • try de-cluttering (click here for more on that!) or letting go of bulky furniture that isn't really needed
  • wash the sofa pillow covers
  • wash small rugs and hang outside for some fresh air
  • take down those Christmas cards
  • go through the piles of mail and recycle all junk and envelopes (find a pretty place to organize that mail when you come in the door)
  • vacuum and dust the lampshades and light bulbs (make sure they're turned off so you don't burn yourself)
  • pick some pretty winter weeds and put them in a vase (green helps freshen up a space, no matter if they're winter or spring weeds and weeds aren't necessarily ugly. Have some fun looking for the prettiest ones! Also, this gets you out in the sunshine)
  • leave some seeds or nuts out for birds...there's nothing like wild animals outside the window to brighten your mood
  • if you're really crafty, cover some of your dark colored books with light colored paper (use the back side of those Christmas paper scraps (they're usually white) or even some paper bags from the grocery store)

Do you have a favorite way of freshening your house for Spring, that costs zero dollars? Tell me all about it in the comments below!