Two Reasons I Love Your Favorite Color

What's your favorite color? Now, don't lie to yourself. I know you're ready to run away in fear, and I know why!

You don't want an alarming amount of fire engine red slathered all over your home. That's why you won't admit what color you really like, because you think you'll be forced to paint every wall in your house with it. Trust me, you never have to do that. Actually, please don't. So be brave! Humor me and shout your favorite color from the mountain tops!

By the way, my favorite color is all shades of pink and coral. Okay, so I cheat, and I have more than one fav! Anyway, my own living room is painted a barely-there shade of blue. Not pink or coral.

Seriously, though, why do I care so much about your favorite color? A couple of reasons:


  1. It tells me about your personality and helps me choose a mood that will achieve your goal for a space.
  2. It's an easy way to get you thinking about what you want from your decor.


For instance, if you love fire engine red, but you want a relaxing room, I'll gravitate to cool colors for the room, but will consider your vibrant personality. I'd incorporate something you love that nods to your fiery side. And, yes, I might choose some red accents for you. Like a vase, a decorative pillow, or maybe a jazzy little footstool. Or I might incorporate the feeling of red by using a bold, fun pattern, without actually using red.

Thinking honestly about your favorite color is a way to stimulate your tastes. It's a great starting point, and helps draw out your personality. Once people open up about something that's personal to them, more details spill out, and that's where the fun begins. Unique design is created from personal details about you.


So go ahead and answer truthfully, what's your favorite color?

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Thanks, friends, for stopping by for another chat. As always, you are the reason I love my job!