Spring House Tour by New York Junior League

Are you ready to see some champagne party worthy apartments? Are you sure? Because I’m warning you, if you scroll down, you’ll never want to leave this page. Okay, well, that’s fine with me. But first, join me and grab a glass of the best stuff you’ve got and start scrolling!

The New York Junior League put on their annual Spring House Tour (they have one in the fall, too. I’m totally going), this past Saturday. Basically, they feed you delicious food, serve you champagne, and let you walk around in luxurious apartments all day. Nuff said. Count me in anytime all of these things are combined. More about the NYJL later in this post!

1110 Park Avenue, Carnegie Hill Luxury

Lucky for me, my dear friend asked me to join her this weekend, and the first place we saw was 1110 Park Avenue, located in Carnegie Hill, one of the most prestigious and coveted neighborhoods in NYC. It’s an apartment listed with Toll Brother’s City Living , staged by Interior Marketing Group (more pics here), and the kitchen was designed by Christopher Peacock. All I can say is, I’m moving in. Well, maybe when I can dig up enough pocket change. *BIG cheesy winking*. We rode up a private keyed elevator, which opened up to a west view of the city. A terrace overlooks Park Ave, and there are two floors. Yes, stairs inside a NYC apartment. Check it out!

When we realized we were starving, our second stop was lunch at Desiron. It just so happens that the next apartment on the list is owned by Desiron's owner and founder. We rushed through lunch so we could zip over to his place!

 Desiron, USA is located at 200 Lexington Ave, New York Design Center

Desiron, USA is located at 200 Lexington Ave, New York Design Center

Barrow Street - West Village Walk-Up

This apartment is in the West Village, one of my favorite places to walk around in the city. I took a bunch of pics of the neighborhood, and included a few here, just for you. My friend was a real sweetie for putting up with my "oh, wait, I gotta take a pic of that," every five seconds. Thanks, friend!

Okay, so the building was a pre-war, walk-up (thank goodness we only had to climb to the 3rd floor). This cozy one bedroom was like a charm on a bracelet. It felt so open with windows that look north and west (lucky!). Even the bathroom has a window, which is a dream come true for a New Yorker. The owner designed it to feel like a luxurious hotel, but I think it’s even better than that. It’s warm and personal, and oh so fresh!

Before we move on, I have to tell you that I failed you. There were seven homes on this tour, but we only made it to three. We just couldn’t stop taking pics and looking at every detail. So, I’m really sorry I don’t have more than three homes to show you! Hopefully there are pics floating around out there of the other four, and I’ll do my best to find them and let you know!

Lispenard Street - Tribeca Penthouse

The last space we saw was a penthouse in Tribeca, and was a combination of an office and home. Upon arrival to the building, we were greeted by an incredible hallway that reminded us of Hogwarts, but a really modern version. Unfortunately, my pics were way too dark to see much (I'm still figuring out this photography thing).

The penthouse was designed by the talented Lindsay Tarquinio. She combined the owner’s cherished artwork, bright open spaces, and gorgeous modern finishes to create a retreat-like feeling in the middle of chaos. Both the work space and living space were beautifully reflective of each other. I think there were a total of five outdoor terraces, and an airy, fabricated glass staircase leading all the way to the roof. I was a little scared to climb it since I’m afraid of heights, but I think I could get used to it pretty fast if it was in my apartment!

kate spade new york - Post Tour Reception

At this point, our feet were aching, our tummies were hungry, and we needed to hit the last spot, the kate spade home pop-up shop (open through the end of May)! Of course, it’s the absolute cutest storefront right in the middle of Soho. The store was filled with people, cute stuff, drinks and food. It was a real party! There were so many people crammed in here that I only managed to take a few photos.

We had such a great time soaking in all of that beauty, I can't wait to do it again in the fall!

A Snippet About NYJL...

The NYJL is a non-profit women's volunteer organization, the largest in New York City. They devote over 250,000 hours of service to this city every year. By promoting volunteerism, they improve communities and develop the potential of women through action and leadership.


NYJL (originally called Junior League for the Promotion of Settlement ) was founded by a 19 year old Mary Harriman in 1901. She saw poverty in NYC and wanted to do something about it. So she gathered some friends together and began teaching and mentoring immigrant families on the lower east side. Ever since then, this organization has been reaching out to the people of New York City, empowering women and the people they serve. For more information about NYJL, visit their website here

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