5 Things a Decorator Will Do for You

Ever wonder what an interior decorator actually does? It might seem like the job is easy, shopping and spending money, looking at all the pretty things, and being fabulous. Okay, there is a little of that, but there’s a lot more to it! I want to fill you in, so you can be sure how hard your investment is working, and how much love is being poured into your home. Also, I'm just going to admit right now that I'm not as fabulous as I pretend to be!

 One way I get inspired is through gathering objects together to create a mood board.

One way I get inspired is through gathering objects together to create a mood board.

1. I'm Kind of Your Therapist

*Squealing* I really really really love this part! After all, I'm an INFJ (The Counselor - Meyers Briggs Personality Test). Aaaand I just gave away how dorky I am. Also, I am not actually a licensed therapist or counselor (just covering my bases, here).

My job is to ask you all about you! Your style, your goals, your hobbies, your dreams, then use that juicy information to put together a unique design. But that process can be intimidating for you...which is where the "therapy" comes in. The reason I love this part so much is because I love drawing people out of themselves. I think the first thing clients tend to do is hide behind "safe" colors and styles, because they're worried about the outcome of the design. Totally understandable. That's why I make it a priority to soothe your mind, and gently draw you out (and maybe challenge you a bit) so I can give you the absolute best design possible.

2. I'm Your Personal Artist

I've spent hours at design shows, attending workshops, thumbing through the latest magazines and blogs, chatting up vendors, finding inspiration during my travels and off-time, and taking classes to become certified...just to be prepared for this part. And all of this was for you! And I thrive on it.

I take a lot of time choosing each and every piece of furniture, accessory, color, fabric, artwork, plant, floor covering...right down to the hinges on the doors. Each aspect of the design has to be something you'll love and they must work together harmoniously. And obviously, they need to fit in the space and function well for you and your family.

 Totally in love with these pillows from  KL Design Ireland

Totally in love with these pillows from KL Design Ireland

3. I've Always Got Your Back

Yep, I always make sure I have a back-up plan! The reason? I can't read your mind, though I wish I could! And that little pigeon lamp I picked out for you may remind you of the time you were attacked by a flock of them when you were five...which you might not want to be reminded of, like, ever. So, I pull out a handy-dandy back up lamp, and voila! No more terrifying memories. True story...I was chased by a flock of large white goose as a kid, and even now, they scare me a little bit!

4. I Respect Your Investment

A big part of the process involves prioritizing which pieces to spend more on and which to spend less on.This is a tough one, but I do it so we stick to your budget. The budget has to cover all purchases, taxes, labor, and my fees. Finding a balance in giving you what you want, spending money in all the right places, and staying within budget takes skill, time, and sometimes a little hair-pulling (out of my own head, not yours, haha!). But I love the challenge, mostly at the end when it all comes together.

5. I Put the 1000 Piece Puzzle Together For You!

Ooooh, ooooh, the most fun part! This is when I actually purchase all the pretty things!! And it's so much fun! Now, of course, sometimes, I face delivery problems, back orders and out of stock pieces (maybe time to use that back-up piece), and I'm also coordinating scheduling times (making sure the pieces are coming to your house in order, like the rug before the sofa, because who wants to play Jenga with large pieces of furniture), painters and installers, and all kinds of things you never have to worry about. 

The best part? When everything is finally delivered, I get to come in and make sure everything's perfectly arranged according to plan, art hung on the walls, and the little details styled to pure loveliness. I get to see the look on your face when your home is finally finished, and you get to live in and enjoy it.

 Everything's prettier with coffee!

Everything's prettier with coffee!

One Final Thought

Each decorator is different, and has a slightly different approach to their process. So, before you ever jump into having your space decorated, be sure to hire the right person for you, someone that gets you and you trust. And be ready to share freely and honestly once you find the right one. Check out these posts on how to find the right decorator for you and how to get the most out of the interior design process.

Have more questions about the process? Or are you ready to get started? Maybe you just want to say "hey"! Comment or send me a note...I can't wait to hear from you!